The  Krapper has been tested by Law Enforcement and has passed with flying colors.


The Krapper™ Features

Great Design

We built this thing several times. That is, until we were happy Krappers. Our finished product will serve you well.

Better than a Porta Potty

Even when there is a Porta Potty close by you will want to use the Krapper! Fresh air and a gentle breeze make going to the bathroom a pleasure.

Built for Camping!

The Krapper has been built to go with you even if your camping in the middle of nowhere. The fold up design makes it easy to stow the Krapper.

100% Guaranteed.

We know what it means to back a product up. Literally. Trust us, we won't let ya down.

We take care of Fire Personnel.

We will donate a Krapper Pro to fire personnel with every 5 camper versions sold.

Friendly Support

We are friendly and.. Not full of crap. Litterally! 

Still Have questions? We are here to help.